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"School of Cooperation": joint project of the FSLD and the Ministry of National Education


Among our new projects, one is especially woth mentioning. "School of Cooperation" ("Szkoła Współpracy") which was inaugurated on 24th of October at a special conference in Warsaw is an innovative, nationwide initiative aimed at improving the cooperation betwenn teachers, student and their parents.

The project is also dedictaed to the wider social surrounding of schools, with special regard to the local authorities. The model of cooperation elaborated through research and consultations with all sides taking part in this project will be implemented in 1034 schools and kindergartens all over the country.

This important and wide-scale action by the Ministry of National Education and our Foundation is the first such initiative aimed at enhancing public participation in building social dialogue in the sphere of education. Three internet portals dedicated to students, teachers and parents will be started, a series of meetings, training sessions and conferences will be taking place until the end of February 2015. More details are available in Polish on the project's website.  

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